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For Women
For Women

The Pheonix Centre celebrates all women of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes. We believe every woman deserves the life-changing power of transformation, self-confidence, and inner peace. Career changes, travel, love, and balance can all be achieved with our personalised coaching and counselling sessions.

Through our in-depth life coaching, we can help women discover their goals, dreams, and aspirations. Anything is possible with the right mentoring!

With Clinical Hypnotherapy, we give women the tools they need to overcome any fears, experiences, and bad habits that restrict them for becoming their ultimate selves. Many women struggle with self-esteem, caused by bad eating habits and unhealthy diets. Hypnotherapy can help women gain control of their food habits, and attain balance, health, and inner confidence.

Our Love and Relationship Coaching is the perfect tool for women who want to attract their perfect soul mate. True love starts from within, and through consulting and coaching we can help you achieve an inner love and respect for yourself above all else, that will allow you to attract and maintain a happy, healthy, and loving partnership.

Hair and Beauty is a lifelong passion of ours at The Pheonix Centre. We believe that looking good and feeling great is a perfect combination for overcoming daily challenges. Treating yourself to a fresh haircut, hairstyle, or makeover, can boost confidence and self-esteem! Whether you want to feel like a queen to conquer an upcoming challenge, or just need a pamper session after a long day, there’s something naturally therapeutic in a trip to the hair salon.


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