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For Men
For Men

Sometimes, men just need a fresh haircut and an honest conversation to boost up their confidence and help release pent up thoughts and feelings. Men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women, and this comes from the deeply ingrained taboo that restricts men from opening up, communicating, and being vulnerable.

At The Pheonix Centre, we’ve broken down the barriers that make it so daunting for a therapeutic conversation to take place. Consulting sessions is as easy as a comfortable chat with your hairdresser. Drink a coffee, get a trim, and open up about what’s on your mind.

If you’re ready to take the next step, our Life Coaching sessions are designed to fit your lifestyle, beliefs, and values. Career changes, love, travel, fear, all elements that can be mastered with the help of your personal Life Coach.

If you struggle with addictions, phobias, or bad habits, our Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions will arm you with the tools you need to fight and overcome any restrictions and barriers in your day to day life.

Quit smoking, lose weight, gain control of public speaking and communication. Hypnotherapy is the ultimate life hack.

Love and Relationships can seem daunting to many men. Allowing yourself to be open, vulnerable, and honest, can seem like a scary and distant concept. Attracting the perfect life partner can seem like a far-off fantasy, but with our Love and Relationship coaching, we can help you learn to love with passion, respect and commitment. Starting with yourself.

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